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Episode 27- Joshua Behar CEO at Mobile2CRM

August 03, 2023 Season 4 Episode 27
Play the King & Win the Day!
Episode 27- Joshua Behar CEO at Mobile2CRM
Show Notes

Episode 27- We speak with Joshua Behar Chief Executive Officer at Mobile2CRM

Joshua Behar a 30-year business veteran in executive sales leadership roles shares his experience from the early years in the space to the creation and necessity of platforms like Mobile2CRM to manage and support remote working environments.

Joshua walks through how Mobile2CRM works and how multiple business departments are benefiting including sales, compliance, customer service and training development. Organizations with remote workers and (BYOD) Bring Your Own Device policies, will fall in love with Mobile2CRM.
Organizations investing in CRM Platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics and others, leverage Mobile2CRM to enhance sales, lead, and opportunity management activities with direct link to Mobile2CRM conversations and activities.
About Mobile2CRM:

Mobile2CRM established with the vision of empowering enterprises with the ability to utilize their mobile communication capabilities to increase their customer reach and revenues.

With Mobile2CRM, corporate voice and text communication are managed on employees’ cellular phones – even with BYOD. The corporate owns these mobile business numbers and their usage. The corporate manages them separately from the personal cellular number of the employee. The corporate benefits from mobile call recording are fully compliant with recording and monitoring regulations, even when users are roaming.

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